Online drag&drop logo bookmark manager

VizURL is a new bookmarking service based on user arranged drag and drop logo images. It offers a visually appealing and concise representation of your favorite sites. Users can add, delete, and arrange the logos of their favorites.

New features

Logos can be re-arranged at any time by dragging and dropping them using the handle at the top of the logo.
Results are instantly saved and updated, no more ‘locking’ or ‘unlocking’ the logo grid.

A larger, centered logo search bar.

Auto complete dropdown list during logo searches.

LightWindow modal windows for secondary pages.

Delete logos from a page with the new trash icon in the lower right-hand corner.

New requests page to check logos requested and completed requests.
The requests page is accessed from the preferences page dropdown list.

New RSS feeds. Click the RSS icon at top of logo.
RSS feeds are gradually being added to the logo database.
If you would like us to add the RSS feed for a particular site immediately, just send a message and it will get priority.

Tabs have been moved to the main page dropdown menu.

New help page flash video tutorial.

Technical Details

Programming LanguagesRuby on Rails
CustomerAnton Commagère (
Finished? Yes
Finish Date2008-09-21